[pmwiki-users] page index out of sync

olli halloolli at hailmail.net
Tue May 27 02:33:34 CDT 2008

hi there

i have copied a wiki via WS_FTP from my local machine to an external server 
and managed to get it to run there. (after finding out that i have to delete 
the .flock file!)

after copying the ftp prgram left a log file WS_FTP.LOG in wiki.d, which 
then got drawn into the listing of all pages. i then deleted the file 
WS_FTP.LOG, however a page "LOG" in the group "WS_FTP" still appears in the 
listing, although no file is present anymore.

i somehow have to recreate the pagelisting...

thanks for any help, olli 

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