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David Spitzley dspitzle at wash.k12.mi.us
Mon Nov 3 10:07:40 CST 2008

I've got a couple of blog-style PmWiki installations set up that use the BlogSimple2 recipe; you can check out one at http://www.davidaspitzley.org/PotatoPatch.  I like it because it uses relatively straightforward and flexible structures like pagelists for most of the functionality, and it also folds in the CommentBoxPlus recipe as part of the package.  I know there are people who are looking for calendars and so forth as part of their blogging solution, but for my purposes BlogSimple2 works fine.


>>> Matthew Lundin <mdl at imapmail.org> 10/31/2008 11:44 AM >>>

Hello everyone,

I am an avid PmWiki user. (Thank you Patrick!) I know this question
has come up often both on pmwiki.org and here on the mailing list, so
I apologize for raising it yet again, but I was wondering if anyone
had an update as to the status of blog features for PmWiki.

The blog cookbook has a huge array of options, some of them obsolete.
The PITS tracking for blog features dates back to 2004. I'm happy to
patch together a solution on my own, but before I do so I wanted to
get some feedback.

Is there general consensus that this should not be a core feature of
PmWiki. If so, could anyone recommend what they consider to be the
best blog recipe in the cookbook.


Thanks in advance!

Matt Lundin

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