[pmwiki-users] Skin suitable for iPhone/iTouch use

Ben Stallings ben at interdependentweb.com
Wed Nov 12 16:03:42 CST 2008

Jan Erik Mostr?m wrote,
> Is there some skin that works well with iPhone/iTouch (works 
> well in the sense that it's easy to read without needing to zoom 
> in on the page). Only browsing is of interest (no editing).

Hi, Jan.  On my iPod Touch, any of the skins are readable without 
zooming in -- in landscape mode.  Editing works fine, too.  So you don't 
need to worry too much about iPhone support when choosing your skin.

However, the #1 thing you can do for legibility once you've chosen a 
skin is to set the viewport dimensions ... see 
http://www.cssdiscussion.com/viewtopic.php?id=25 .  Because Mobile 
Safari tries to emulate a desktop browser, its default viewport width of 
980 makes the text on even a single-column, flexible-width skin such as 
http://benstallings.name too small to read!  Rather than increase the 
font size, decrease the viewport size.  For actual size, set the width 
to 320.  (I haven't got around to this yet at benstallings.name, so it 
makes a good example of what happens when you don't.)

If you're a Mac user and don't have an actual iPhone or iPod Touch to 
test with, I highly recommend the free simulator available from Apple. 
Here's my review: http://www.smartphonemag.com/iphone/node/160

Ben Stallings
Web Developer
Smartphone Magazine - iPhone Life

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