[pmwiki-users] Bugreport: Save fails (content destroyed) due to filled quota

Jochem Liem j.liem at uva.nl
Mon Nov 17 03:31:35 CST 2008

Dear Patrick,

Thanks for the response.

> So, I'm not sure why you're seeing the symptoms you're seeing,
> as PmWiki already does a lot to guard against this particular
> situation.  Perhaps your installation of PmWiki is using a recipe 
> that changes the way pages are saved, or not using the normal 
> edit sequence?
I'm using a normal installation of pmwiki and the normal edit sequence. 
I only changed the skin to abitmodern.

> Alternatively, perhaps there is some disk caching or network
> file system latency that is causing PHP to report the file
> as being correctly saved (with the correct size) before it's
> actually flushed to the network server?
Given the build-in guards you've mentioned, this seems to be the most 
likely explanation. I will contact our system maintainance department 
and ask them to investigate. I think the bug can be closed. There seems 
to be no other way pmwiki can guard against this.

Best regards,

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