[pmwiki-users] ?ptv=isdoing

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Wed Nov 19 03:55:16 CST 2008

Tuesday, November 18, 2008, 10:22:27 PM, Stéphane Heckel wrote:

> I'm using PTVs in my pages (ie: "isdoing" is the one used to define what you
> are doing, right now)
> Idea would be to "query" PTVs from external application via http, ...
> I would need a new URL action to query PTV's value, something like 
> ?ptv=ptvvariable in order to "capture" the status of a wiki page.

> PTV's value can contain links, email, pmwiki markup in general, ...
> Any suggestion how we could implement this feature ?

please can you clarify if you wish to retrieve PTV values from a
PmWiki page using not PmWiki, but a different external script,
or using a recipe script, which is included via config.php
and thereby part of PmWiki.

If you want to run not PmWiki, but some other application or
php script, then I don't know how this can be done. you would need
mechanisms in that script to open PmWiki files in order to read any
page content etc.


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