[pmwiki-users] How safe against e-mail spiders?

kirpi at kirpi.it kirpi at kirpi.it
Fri Nov 21 04:31:44 CST 2008

> How safe is a page with a lot of e-mail addresses
> agains robots, if the page is read protected?

Granted, crackers can get access to files in the server by violating
the system or using other sneaky methods, but I suppose this is not
the subject of your question.

I would be surprised (read: upset) if any "legal" user, human or
robot, could read a read-protected page.

As far as protecting email addresses is concerned, I found this code
to be handy and effective.
I suppose that it could also be made into a recipe.

> Are there robots trying to crack passwords?

I am afraid so.
Most probably they will be targeted to "better" sites than humble
personal wikis or blogs, yet there is a possibility...

For this very reason it would be nice to let the system regularly ask
for a password and, if it fails for more than three times, ask also
for a captcha.
So does gmail, as an instance.
It should not be hard to set, perhaps.


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