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Radu Luchian radu at monicsoft.net
Tue Nov 25 10:34:55 CST 2008

Hello PM,

Is there any reason why author.php has

  $ROSPatterns['/(?<!~)~~~~(?!~)/'] = '[[~$Author]] $CurrentTime';
  $ROSPatterns['/(?<!~)~~~(?!~)/'] = '[[~$Author]]';

instead of

  $ROSPatterns['/(?<!~)~~~~(?!~)/'] = '[[~$AuthorGroup/$Author]]
  $ROSPatterns['/(?<!~)~~~(?!~)/'] = '[[~$AuthorGroup/$Author]]';


I mean, was there some discussion whereupon it was decided that the core
should have author pages in each group even when there's a Profiles group

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