[pmwiki-users] deleted pages in pagelists

Thierry Vanderschueren thierry.mailinglists at gmail.com
Fri Nov 28 07:30:57 CST 2008


I would like to display in a page the list of deleted pages in a group.
As the deleted pages are skipped from the search and page list results, I
tried the following without success :

in the MyGroup.DeletedPages.php file : $SearchPatterns['deleted'][] =
in the MyGroup.DeletedPages wiki page : (:pagelist list=deleted:)

This doesn't work.

Then, I tried writing a small cookbook that opens the wiki.d directory and
scans it for all MyGroup\..*?,del.*? files and shows them as wikilinks in
the page. This works but of course the wikilinks do not work, they appear
with the question mark after them.

Is there an easy workaround ?

Thanks for your cooperation

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