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Thanks for your note on my first question.  

I'm just interested in our users experience and would definitely agree
that for an actual start-up a lawyer should be consulted.

Does anyone have any ideas on both questions?  Its definitely relevant
to get an idea of what you have encountered before other users follow
along the same path. 


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My advice is contact an actual lawyer in the state your LLC will be
registered.  They can help you way more than PmWiki users/developers
ever could.  Nothing against this group, they're great.  It's just that
for legal advice it's best to get it from a lawyer, that way if get bad
advice you have legal avenues.

  On Thu, 4 Sep 2008, Swift, Chris wrote:

> Dear all,
> I'm in the midst (still) of establishing my wikisite online and have a

> few legal questions for everyone.
> First, I want to establish a little web design company, probably in 
> the form of a LLC.  In doing so, I'm still looking for which state to 
> register (probably will be Tennessee due to choice for eventual 
> retirement).  Anyone have any recommendations for or against this 
> (maybe another state offers better protection)?
> Secondly and most importantly, on my site people will be able to place

> reviews of restaurants, attractions, hotels, etc.  So, my question to 
> you is what type of legal ramifications does it have on me (their 
> opinions)?  I would obviously remove any type of rude or inappropriate

> behavior, but could a merchant try to sue me for hosting that type of 
> information?  Anyone have experience and/or information they could 
> share with me on this?
> Thanks,
> Chris
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