[pmwiki-users] Permissions in IIS6

Dave Jackson Dave.Jackson at emrltd.com
Thu Sep 11 10:58:41 CDT 2008


I have been mucking about on my 'test' IIS server today, which
incidentally hosts our internal wiki.  I added Frontpage Server 2002
extensions and added basic authentication to try and get Visual Studio
2008 to 'talk', specifically, publish to it.  Went like a charm but then
I found I no longer had write access when I tried to save a page on the
wiki.  First it complained about the .flock file, which I then deleted
and it got past that, but now it says it cannot write the file in the
wiki.d folder that is the page I am trying to edit.

So I uninstalled front page extensions, turned off basic authentication
but it still doesn't  work. Even after turning it off & turning it on
again ;0)

Any thoughts on what else I can try before I go back to backup?


Dave J

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