[pmwiki-users] powertools - pagelist with custom fmt

adam overton a at plus1plus1plus.org
Sat Sep 13 07:08:56 CDT 2008


is it / could it be possible to use a custom pagelist template with  
{(pagecount (pagelist ... ) )}?

the problem i'm having with the powertools pagelist is that it has to  
be set to fmt=csv in order to spit out what pagecount needs, and so  
it can't use my special fmt=#mypagelistfunction, which is kicking out  
some pagetitles via conditionals.
the result is {(pagecount's)} pagecount is always higher than the  
normal pagelist's fmt=count

some background on the structure of my site: for most pages, there's  
a main 'PageA' that then includes 'PageA-Notes' & 'PageA-Bio'
as a result, i've got several pagelist templates i use that prevent  
the display of two pages with the same basename when doing a search -  
when listed, instead of:
... it lists ...

so again, is it/can it/will it be possible to run {(pagelist)} thru a  
custom fmt and have it still spit out as a csv?
many thanks,

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