[pmwiki-users] Strange $PagePathFmt behaviour

Francesco Sblendorio sblendorio at gmail.com
Sun Sep 14 12:54:27 CDT 2008

Hi. I set up PmWiki so that pages like [[Name/Name]] will look as
"http://site.com/Name" in the URL, and that works well.
Also, I set $PagePathFmt in this way:

$PagePathFmt = array(
      '{$Group}.$1',           # page in current group
      '$1.$1',                 # group home page
      '$1.{$DefaultName}',     # group home page

..so I avoided '{$DefaultGroup}.$1' (=Main.pagename).

But... if i put in the sidebar a non-existing link like [[Page/Page]],
when I click on the question mark, pmwiki makes me create the page
"Main.Page" instead of "Page.Page"

How can I fix it?

Thanks in advance.

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