[pmwiki-users] powertools - pagelist with custom fmt

adam overton a at plus1plus1plus.org
Wed Sep 17 07:00:05 CDT 2008

okay, so after a little further thought, and after looking at  
pagelist.php and powertools, i realize that basically what i need is  
a version of pagelist that can iterate through fmt=#mycustomfmt  
(which is declared on the LocalTemplates page) just as it normally  
would, but without adding a linebreak to each entry... with this  
linebreak, no matter what i do, a template like this:

	(:template each:)

always spits out a vertical list like this:


rather than:      page1page2page3
(i can add commas to the template later)

my problem now is that i can't find where in pagelist.php (i'm  
assuming in FPLTemplate()) that this newline is being inserted. if i  
could locate it, i presume i could copy the main FPLTemplate  
function, minus the newline, into a custom template declaration, and  
i'll have a nice and accurate list of pages to feed pagecount.

... but i don't see the newline anywhere ...
any hints?


On 13 Sep 2008, at 5:31 AM, Hans wrote:

> Saturday, September 13, 2008, 1:08:56 PM, adam overton wrote:
>> so again, is it/can it/will it be possible to run {(pagelist)} thru a
>> custom fmt and have it still spit out as a csv?
> this seems to be a contradiction in itself.
> If you want a custom formatted output, you won't have a
> comma-separated output.
> On the other hand, have a look at powertools.php.
> You could give a different value with fmt=mycustomfmt
> but you need to define what it should be similar to
> $FPLFormatOpt['csv'] = array('fn' =>  'FPLSimpleText');
> function FPLSimpleText($pagename, &$matches, $opt) {
>  .....
> }
> in powertools.php. I.e you could define
> $FPLFormatOpt['mycustomfmt'] = array('fn' =>  'FPLMyCustomFmt');
> function FPLMyCustomFmt($pagename, &$matches, $opt) {
>  .....
> }
>   ~Hans

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