[pmwiki-users] datepicker-markup / was FOX form name

Knut Alboldt pmwiki at alboldt.de
Thu Sep 18 15:42:42 CDT 2008

Hans schrieb:
> Wednesday, September 17, 2008, 1:58:45 PM, Knut Alboldt wrote:
>> unfortunately the (:fox formname ...:) markup doesn't generate a <form
> name='formname' ...>> Statement.
>> I changed this in my local copy of fox.inc, but would it be possible to
>> implement this in fox.php generally ?
> Done.
> http://www.pmwiki.org/pmwiki/uploads/Cookbook/fox.php

thanks a lot ! (that's really fast)

> Can you share the datepicker javascript?

yes of course, I'll put in a recipe - when I got it running well, there 
are still some things missing.
And I've to test this in a clean pmwiki environment to be sure it's 
running without all my other (plenty) own pmwiki recipes.

I thing I wont be as fast as you :-)

also in development:
- an input selection box to add some values from a list into another 
input field, so you can enter free text in the input field and add some 
fixed by picking this from the list (e.g. for entering keyword - 
existing and new ones)
- same but with overwriting the inputfield, so you could set values from 
a default list and enter free text as well (e.g. selecting a value from 
a list with the possibility to add new values)
- helper-markup, shows an ?-icon as a link to a help-section on the same 
page below

I just discovered fox after testing zap and pmform and I think I'll use 
fox. Fine recipe !


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