[pmwiki-users] changing ptv's using an URL ?

Martin Fick mogulguy at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 19 12:12:56 CDT 2008

If you are looking to change a variable temporarily (without writing the value to the page), you could use the HttpVariables recipe.  It will change something that looks like a PV instead of a PTV.



--- On Fri, 9/19/08, Knut Alboldt <pmwiki at alboldt.de> wrote:

> From: Knut Alboldt <pmwiki at alboldt.de>
> Subject: [pmwiki-users] changing ptv's using an URL ?
> To: "pmwiki-users maillist" <Pmwiki-users at pmichaud.com>
> Date: Friday, September 19, 2008, 12:33 PM
> is there a way to change the value of one (ore more)
> ptv's just by 
> calling a URL (e.g. some kind of action= with some 
> ptv-name/-value-parameters) ?
> if not, is there evt. a builtin pmwiki-funtktion to change
> a ptv of a 
> page which could be used in an own action-recipe ?
> Knut
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