[pmwiki-users] Infected Cookbook Recipes?

kirpi at kirpi.it kirpi at kirpi.it
Wed Sep 24 05:07:57 CDT 2008

Perhaps the issue is not just digitally signing the files: that would
be enough in a closed environment, where a just a restricted bunch of
developers uploads a few files.
Here, due to the (almost) totally open approach (which is a positive
thing, indeed), not only pages but also recipes are continually (even
slightly) modified[1], by virtually anybody, thus deceiving any
practical way to "certify" the code.

I am afraid that I exposed a problem which, though real (and possibly
severe), cannot be easily solved.
So, while there are other priorities, it is maybe better to forget it.


[1] Just a simple example: Cookbook/DictIndex

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