[pmwiki-users] PMWiki feature questions

Dan Bramall dan at iomi.net
Mon Aug 17 06:44:47 CDT 2009


I'm brand new to PMWiki and have some questions regarding functionality as
I'll hopefully be using it to build my client's wiki shortly.


1. My client requires that users can put a geographic tag on their articles
so that as well as searching by categories, users can also search for wiki
articles geographically.  Is there a plug-in which does this?

2. Is it possible to have different levels of users e.g. basic editors,
internal staff, moderators etc?  Is it possible to colour-code different
content according to the user type?  Is it possible for moderators to move
users from one level to another (e.g. if a basic editor is enthusiastic and
trust-worthy they may be promoted to moderator?

3. Is it possible to embed third-party video into a wiki article easily, or
does the user need to learn some proprietary coding to do this?

4. Is it possible to have a 'user profile' page whereby you can click a
user's name next to an article they've created, and view their details
(name, other posts, how long they've been registered for etc)?

Thanks all!


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