[pmwiki-users] Retricting passwords to IPs

Knud Jahnke jahnke at mpia.de
Wed Dec 9 08:33:41 CST 2009

Dear all!

I'm trying to do the following: For an institute-internal Wiki I want everyone 
with a certain IP (base) to be able to edit the Wiki without a password, but 
everyone else outside only with a password.

The Wiki is part of a farm and I tried to follow the example in


"How do I take a whitelist approach where users from known or trusted IP 
addresses can edit, and others require a password?

Put these lines to local/config.php:

## Allow passwordless editing from own turf, pass for others.
if ($action=='edit'
  && !preg_match("^90.68.", $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']) )
  { $DefaultPasswords['edit'] = crypt('foobar'); }

Replace 90.68. with the preferred network prefix and foobar with the default 
password for others. "

When I do this, nothing happens: The statement

  preg_match("^90.68.", $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'])

always seems to return false, no matter what I do, so the negation is true, and 
when editing then the if condition is true and hence a password is always 
requested. Interestingly, this can not be due to problems with 
$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] (how can I actually display this in the pmwiki 
context?), but even

  if ($action=='edit' && !preg_match(".*", "a" ))
   { $DefaultPasswords['edit'] = crypt('foo'); }

asks for the password, even though preg_match should return true, so the 
negation is false, so the overall condition is false and no password should be 

Am I doing something stupid? Is something wrong with my system? Can I use 
something else? I would appreciate help very much!

Cheers, Knud

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