[pmwiki-users] :SPAM: RE: Get Rid of Main

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Thu Jul 2 14:08:16 CDT 2009

On Thursday 02 July 2009 18:34:13 Tim E. Rhodes wrote:
> Come on please, someone help me out here. Am I posting my question
> incorrectly, or is it that no one knows me, or do I have to offer free sex
> to even get some acknowledgement?
> I just find it hard to believe that none of you can help, and I find it sad
> that none of you will help.

Hi. The developers/users that first needed/wrote this recipe may no longer be 
around on the wiki or on this list. Among us here, there could be people that 
never reviewed/tested/used absolutely all possible recipes from the Cookbook.

> I am using the section for use with Clean URLs (with PmWiki v2.21) and
> everything seems to work with the exception of links to non-existing pages
> in the Main/ group, i.e. [[NewPage]]. Instead of the 404 page not found
> page, the link simply opens Main/HomePage. If I preface the link with
> [[Main/NewPage]] for example, it opens the correct 404 page, but when you
> click the link to create the NewPage, it opens Main/HomePage for editing
> instead of Main/NewPage.

There seems to be a non-initialized variable $DefaultPage which I just fixed 
in the page. The code to be added is:

  SDV($DefaultPage, 'Main.HomePage');   # this line was missing
  $pagename = MakePageName($DefaultPage, $pagename);  # this one exists

I tested the first solution, and it seems to work as expected on my wiki.

Please test it and report if it works for you too.


P.S. To avoid other possible problems with other recipes, please add the code 
near the bottom of your config.php.

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