[pmwiki-users] picasa / pmgallery

edwin marte edwin.marte at leidba.com
Sat Jul 4 11:10:19 CDT 2009

Hello List,

I have been testing pmgallery and trying to embedded a Picasa Album. So far
what I have been doing is just the basic as described in the cookbook
http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/PmGallery :

   - Extract the files and directories in pmgallery.zipΔ into your cookbook
   directory. Everything should be inside a folder cookbook/pmgallery.

   - Add these lines to your config.php:

 $pmGallery['virtualgroups'] = array('+Photos');
$pmGallery['user'] = 'marte.edwin';

I am using php 5 and the page just come blank. nothing happens.

I have try  (:pmgallery user=marte.edwin :) In Page Photo.Main

I have't found much information in the list neither many users using this
plugin. Anyone that points me in any direction ? Anyone using the plugin
where I could have a look?

Thanks and Regards
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