[pmwiki-users] picasa / pmgallery

DaveG pmwiki at solidgone.com
Sat Jul 4 15:38:26 CDT 2009

edwin marte wrote:
>     Looking at your Picasa gallery, I don't actually see any images in
>     there. Only a single movie. PmGallery is really intended for images,
>     rather than displaying movies. If you put some images in an album,
>     try specifying the album name (details below).
> Ok, I was Almost sure I had some public Albums. Now I started to see 
> some Pics.
> There are a few features I think are not working like (:pmgallery 
> user=nickaname:) It is supposed to pick a thumblist of albums. So I 
> noticed not every picture was shown. I am using user "godmarte3" now.
Not correct. user=nickname is for the user name (ie, godmarte3) not the 
album name. So in your case use:

    (:pmgallery user=godmarte3 album="Prueba" :)

However, since you're probably only going to use one user name, you can 
specify a user in config.php, and then omit it from the markup above:

    $pmGallery['user'] = 'godmarte3';

  ~ ~ David

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