[pmwiki-users] HTMLHeader interfering with curvycorners.js in firefox

Mike Smick michaelbuddy at gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 14:02:13 CDT 2009

I've had to remove <!--HTMLHeader--> from my template until I get this
figured out. Unfortunately, I can't show this because my site is password
smick.net is my site.

It appears that my use of curvycorners.js is interfering with my page when
it's in the editing mode.

Briefly the editing page shows up properly within the skin, but instantly
flashes to a blank white page, showing just the gui buttons, no skin, no
text area.

this is happening in firefox, but not in IE8. Ironically, Firefox doesn't
even need the script for the rounded corner to work, as it's able to use the
CSS component of it.   My IE6 is not testable at the moment.

Strangely I've also commented out  the gui buttons in config.php, so I don't
know why they are showing at this moment either.

any thoughts?  When I removed the javascript from the template, guibuttons
showed up fine. Not that they were supposed to because I thought I disabled
them in config.php, but whatever.
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