[pmwiki-users] Fixing the documentation

Oliver Betz list_ob at gmx.net
Mon Jul 13 14:28:48 CDT 2009

Ed W wrote:


>> I also dislike the feature that [[wiki sandbox]] links to
>> [[WikiSandbox]] because it "obfuscates" links in the page source and
>> people use it inconsistently.
>Sadly PmWiki is heading away from what you desire then... The latest 
>builds have moved down the path towards [[wiki sandbox]] becoming the 
>default way to write links and the camel case is going away... 

you mix up the technical feature with the writing stile. I've been
writing about the technical feature.

I don't advocate CamelCase, but [[something|wiki sandbox]].

>You can still enable camel case, but I guess before long you are going 

No, never. There are too many CamelCase (like) words not being links.

>to be in my position arguing with a bunch of idiots over something like 
>there being like a few TypoS LikE ThiS and people will want to refuse to 
>fix the typos (!! gah!) because it doesn't affect the way THEY have 
>their wiki setup...
>> Well, with the PmWiki search you can use link=WikiSandbox, but
>> consider a Cookbook page accessed by a wiki link from the Cookbook
>> group and by an interwiki link in the PmWiki group. There is no single
>> search expression finding all references to this page.
>I *think* most of the link searching is optimised based on the hidden 
>link attributes in the page file.  Depending on how you look at this it 
>either means it's outside of the scope of PmWikis current search to find 
>both OR that you have a common point to ammend the code and achieve what 
>you need?  I haven't really studied the code here though... Anyway, I 
>think this is OT?

read again: I know that links are stored separately, but if you want
to look also for interwiki links to Cookbook, this doesn't help.

Oliver Betz, Muenchen (oliverbetz.de)

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