[pmwiki-users] need expert review - multilanguage recipe change

Oliver Betz list_ob at gmx.net
Fri Jul 17 02:54:21 CDT 2009

SteP wrote:

>> How about using PTVs to hold the respective titles,
>> something like
>> (:enTitle: An English Page Title:)
>> (:deTitle: Eine deutsche Überschrift:)
>> (:if userlang en:)(:title {$:enTitle}:)
>> (:if userlang de:)(:title {$:deTitle}:)
>> (:ifend:)
>What advantage can you see in using the above vs.
>(:if userlang de:)(:title Eine deutsche Überschrift:)...

I'm afraid that both might not work as expected because title is a PV.


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