[pmwiki-users] need expert review - multilanguage recipe change

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Sat Jul 18 10:46:27 CDT 2009

Saturday, July 18, 2009, 2:53:23 PM, SteP wrote:

> Thank you, Hans, that looks good to me. Would this new markup need to make the current one
> obsolete? I would prefer to support both markup forms, with the
> older (:if userlang xx:)(:title yyyy:) being 
> deprecated but still valid. In which case the last part of
> multilanguage.php would stay untouched.

The conditional (:if userlang xx:) stays intact.
The normal (:title yyyyyy:) stays intact too.
So both together will continue to work.
But we add an alternative (:title-xx yyyyyyy:) markup.

> I think that the multilanguage recipe already requires declaring
> all the language identifiers in array 
> $DefaultLanguages. So there would be no need to change this part also.

No. At present $DefaultLanguages is just for declaring a default
language, which is used when the choosen language is not available
inside a conditional. At present you can check 'if userlang' against
any string. It does not need to be defined in a config array.
I propose that all language identifiers are declared.
This change is not compatible with the existing recipe.

> I think we should just leave all the current code in place, and
> just add code for the new markup. The 
> two methods can cohexist, and the new method will slowly displace
> the old one, because it offers the 
> advantage of not requiring conditional markup.

My question is: does the recipe need to have a mechanism to pick up
which languages are used on a page?
The simpler solution is to scrap that, and to rely on the languages
declared in a config array.
But this means that if the recipe supports a (:selectlang:) directive
to display links for changing the language, this will h=give all the
choices, even if they are not implemented on the particular page.
also the 'if langinpage' conditional will not be available.


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