[pmwiki-users] Categories format

Scott Connard connard at dsg-inc.com
Mon Jul 20 20:40:33 CDT 2009

> I have a page: Category.Light with the format:
> (:pagelist fmt=#ftnews group=Light :)
> ftnews is defined in the Site.LocalTemplates
> The problem is that the pagelist works but at the end of the page, it
> shows again the list in short format by group. So I have:
> Light/
> Page 1
> Page 2
> Page 3
> ...
> Page 12
> How do I remove the short format from the category page?

At some point recently, the PmWiki distribution started including the  
file wikilib.d/Category.GroupFooter.  This allows on-the-fly  
categories to work but can interfere with category pages you have  
created yourself.

You have several options:
1) Modify Category.GroupFooter (your version, saved in wiki.d/, will  
override the released one in wikilib.d/ even after future releases).   
You can put your (:pagelist:) in the GroupFooter so it works for all  

2) Add a (:nogroupfooter:) to your Category.Light page so that your  
(:pagelist:) works and GroupFooter is ignored.  You would have to do  
this for each page in the Category group.

Scott Connard.

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