[pmwiki-users] 403 Forbidden Error - Which line in httpd.conf to fix?

Grace Hensley methylgrace at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 21 14:29:07 CDT 2009

Dear friends,

I had a perfectly good pmwiki site running on my mac os x 10.4 laptop  
and then went and stupidly upgraded to 10.5 leopard, and can't get my  
local wiki up.   Half the problem was finding the right files to read  
and edit, which is why my problem outlined below is a little bit  
verbose (perhaps someone will google a similar problem and find your  

For a while I didn't have my website running on http://localhost/~myname/pmwiki 
  at all until I turned on my Web Sharing System Preferences.  Now,  
I've been getting a relentless 403 "Forbidden: You don't have  
permission to access /~myname/pmwiki on this server".  I finally found  
the error  message in the /var/log/apache2/error_log file which  
reads:  "Client denied by server configuration: /Users/myname/Sites/ 

I read up on the error, and someone suggested that I merely change  
"Deny from all" to "Allow from all" the <Directory> block in the /etc/ 
apache2/httpd.conf file.  After I stop/start apachectl, and check the  
log, I get the "Directory index forbidden by Options directive: /Users/ 
myname/Sites/pmwiki/" and the same 403 error.  Don't worry, I set  
the .conf file back again.

Shouldn't I be doing something else?  Is there a Load Module that I  
should use, or set my Document Root to /Users/myname/Sites/pmwiki or  

Any suggestions (other than jumping in the lake) are appreciated.
Seattle WA
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