[pmwiki-users] Preventing users from editing the "Author"-field

Tom info at aurlund.no
Fri Jun 5 15:54:55 CDT 2009

I have the following lines in the config.php-file:

## --------------------------------------------------------
## Authentication via HTTP Basic Authentication (NTLM).
## --------------------------------------------------------

$Author = $idinfo[2];

$idinfo[2] contains the distinguished name of the user fetched from 
Active Directory
(using VBScript to fetch the information from AD when the user has 
authenticated using their user-id and password).

But I want make sure that the user is not able to change this value, 
either by removing the Author-field from the
page or by "locking" the field.

If I used "scripts/authuser.php" this would be a piece of cake, but what 
should I do when I use "scripts/httpauth.php" ?

Tom A.

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