[pmwiki-users] I made some changes, and now i can't enetr my site.

Li2a Wonderfull wonderfullli2a at gmail.com
Thu Jun 11 09:20:57 CDT 2009

Hello everyboby!

I am new for this mailing list and I hope that my question of a person who
knows few about wiki will not disturb users much.
I was using pm wiki per my personal site. Version 1. Por some period I made
it visible only for me putting the password but only on a main page.
Resently I was going to change it, opening my site to everybody but i made
some error.
I cannot understand what exactly i made wrong and which way it can be fixed.
I would be very thankfull for any usefull indication.

The aderess of my page was http://www.li2a.com/p/pmwiki.php
I cannot eneter even after metting the pass.
I don't know if to put it here, of the error message is already enoght to
make an advanced understand what i made wrong and which way it can be fixed.

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