[pmwiki-users] Fox preview syntax

Randy Brown randy at brownragfilms.com
Sun Jun 14 20:03:20 CDT 2009


Thanks for the explanation. I tried what you suggested. It works for a  
single line foxpreviewtemplate.

How would I use a multi-line template? I tried using previewtemplate=  
in the markup below, but preview made an actual post.

Here's what I put in Main.WikiSandbox: (my form)

This is the current contents of Main.WikiSandbox3:

(:include Main.WikiSandbox3#Contents#Contentsend:)

(:fox myform ptvtarget=Main.WikiSandbox3  
previewtemplate=Main.WikiSandbox2 redirect={*$FullName}":)
(:input default request=1:)
(:input text myptv size=10:)
%center%(:input submit post "$[Save]":) (:input submit cancel "$ 
[Cancel]":) (:input submit preview 'Preview':)
(:foxend myform:)
(:if foxpreview:)
!!!$[Preview]: &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; %green%[-&ndash;\
  $[Changes have not been saved] &ndash;-]
This will be the contents of Main.WikiSandbox3 if you save:


Here's what I put in Main.WikiSandbox2: (my template)

This is myptv: {$$myptv}.

Here's what I put in Main.WikiSandbox3: (my target)

myptv: 1


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