[pmwiki-users] Looking for suggestions for neighborhood site

kjettil kjettil at wanadoo.fr
Mon Jun 15 01:32:28 CDT 2009

David Spitzley wrote:
> Ideally I want to allow separate logins per business or other organization, with separate pages for each, each of them individually stylable.  I'm half considering rolling my own, but I'd like hear any suggestions others may have of either specific configurations of pmwiki (I've done about 6 installs for different purposes, but nothing too different from a standard wiki), or of other software which would support such a project effectively. 
PmWiki is a fantastic toolbox for building web sites easy to modify and 
easy to maintain - i.e. for those who have and take the time to learn a 
lot of "strange" markup. I have set up several dozens of web sites with 
PmWiki, on several web hosts, quite a few on fairly large farms. With 
almost the same number of different skins, all developed by myself. I've 
never used a skin from pmwiki.org, since it's so easy to design 
nice-looking skins from scratch. All sites work like charm, except ...

... except  for sites with  "novice" users, where PmWiki's lack of 
WYSIWYG editing is an effective barrier to user participation. Most 
people simply don't want to take the time to learn wiki "coding". And if 
they try, they often get things wrong, end up with an ugly looking page 
and never try again. In one case, a club site where club members were 
supposed to contribute text and images, we had to scrap the PmWiki site 
entirely and instead use WordPress. That reduced the number of degrees 
of freedom in web design but solved the problem with user participation.

my small coin / kjettil

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