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adam overton a at plus1plus1plus.org
Tue Jun 16 03:47:57 CDT 2009


i'm using fox 4-14-2009

i'm checking now to see if one of my FoxFilters might be the problem.  
maybe you might know off the top of your head?
i've a foxfilter set up so that if someone enters 'keyword' into the  
fox form, it's ends up saving it as '[[!keyword]]'.

any chance FoxFilter is executing after UpdatePage() has already been  


On 16 Jun 2009, at 1:44 AM, Hans wrote:

> Tuesday, June 16, 2009, 9:03:39 AM, adam overton wrote:
>> rather, the problem i seem to have located is this - when looking
>> in the individual files on the server that pmwiki generates, the
>> field called target= is left empty when using foxedit link.
>> however, if i edit and save the normal way, then i get
>> target=Category.Keyword, and i am most certain that .pageindex is
>> probably updated as well. i believe these are both activities of
>> SaveAttributes. i think this is why the pagelist is not showing. i
>> assume it's either looking in pageindex or in the target= field of
>> each page, and the keyword is getting recorded one way, but not  
>> the fox way.
>> can you confirm whether this is an issue with Fox? or is it my own  
>> setup?
> targets= gets created orderly using Fox (or Fox via a foxedit link).
> When fox updates a page it calls the PmWiki UpdatePage() function,
> and all standard Edit functions are called by UpdatePage() except
> EditTemplate(), RestorePage(), AutoCreateTargets() and PreviewPage(),
> none of which are necessary for Fox, and none are necessary
> to create the targets= attribute. This is indeed created by
> SaveAttributes(), and Fox is using that.
> Which version of Fox are you using?
>   ~Hans

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