[pmwiki-users] Fox preview syntax

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Tue Jun 16 05:04:52 CDT 2009

Randy - i looked at the fox.php code and have now a suggestion,
which perhaps should go into the distribution:

Try this:
in fox.php ca. lines 653-657 there is a code block

  if ($act == 'display') {
    $FoxDisplayFmt = $template;
    //break out of this target page process, no need to open page

add a condition to break out of all taarget page processes, so the
code block should read now:

  if ($act == 'display') {
    $FoxDisplayFmt = $template;
    if (isset($fx['preview'])) break; //no other target page processes
    else continue; //no further process on this target

That should stop any saving to any targets when we got a Preview.
I hope it has no detrimental side effects.
If not it should go into the distribution.
Use your form as i first proposed, not the later one with
the (:if ! foxpreview:) condition.


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