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adam overton a at plus1plus1plus.org
Tue Jun 16 16:58:06 CDT 2009

hi thanks

2 questions for 2 audiences:
- for anyone: still interested in how to make the last question from  
the workaround happen. interested to know why i can't call  

- and for Hans - thanks for your patience - i guess one of the main  
answers i'm still looking for is whether what's going on is  
particular to my setup, or is an issue with fox. should a page with  
the following code, which is updated with a [[!keyword]], cause the  
related (and enabled) Category.Keyword page to update?

on MyGroup.MyPage (part I):
{[foxedit myPtv "edit myPtv"]}  (using the default form)
(:Keywords: :){$:Keywords}

then edited and saved using the "edit myPtv" link (part II), it  
results in:
{[foxedit myPtv "edit myPtv"]}
(:Keywords: [[!keyword]]:){$:Keywords}

is MyGroup.MyPage then listed on Category.Keyword on your system (or  
anyone else's)? it's doesn't on mine (until i save the page the  
normal way)

thanks again,

On 16 Jun 2009, at 2:20 PM, Hans wrote:

> Tuesday, June 16, 2009, 9:29:57 PM, adam overton wrote:
>> i'm currently looking for a workaround for my aforementioned  
>> Category problem.
>> i've noticed that if the page with the [[!Keyword]] markup just
>> gets saved normally (i.e. edit, then save, without changing
>> anything), all the necessary behind the scenes stuff happens
>> (SaveAttributes, PostPageIndex) resulting in a working  
>> Category.Keyword page.
>> the workaround that i thought could work but currently gives me
>> errors goes something like this - instead of having fox/foxedit
>> redirect=1 (i.e. to the same page), have it redirect to the same
>> page with ?action=updatePage where the appropriate functions are
>> called. here's my code in config.php:
>> .....
> sorry, i totally lost you there, both in  understanding th eproblem
> and in understanding what kind of "workaround" you are trying to
> build  and for what end.
> Regards redirect from after Fox finished the page processes:
> if you want to pass on url parameters like ?action=....
> you need to use a parameter urlfmt=... in the fox markup,
> and it needs the full url, not just Group.PageName, but
> something like
> urlfmt="{$ScriptUrl}?n=Group.Page?action=someaction"
> I can't help you with the workaround code.
>   ~Hans

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