[pmwiki-users] Odd Auth behavior

Jim Beuerle jbeuerle at triad.rr.com
Sat Jun 20 01:27:46 CDT 2009


Suppose PageTextVar('Main.HomePage','wikititle');  is placed BEFORE
include_once("$FarmD/scripts/authuser.php"); in config.php.  When I login as
an admin, the admin level of authorization is not recognized in the group
Main, but is recognized in all other groups.

This can be easily remedied by placing the
PageTextVar('Main.HomePage','wikititle'); AFTER

This drove me insane for the past hour!  What causes this behavior?


BTW  - I use $WikiSkinTitle = PageTextVar('Main.HomePage','wikititle'); to
have a $WikiSkinTitle processed and used in the maguila.tmpl skin - thanks

Jim Beuerle, PhD.
Mathematics Department
Elon University
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