[pmwiki-users] No <p> and <pre>

stijn voss stijn at gedissed.nl
Sat Jun 27 11:22:05 CDT 2009

I am making my own menu and its based on Javascript and divs.
Cause the (:div attr:) doesn't support Javascript events(i guess cause
safety reasons), i made my own div markup but pmwiki automatically adds <p>
and <pre> tags. And this causes my lay-out doesn't look right.

Is there a way to disable pmwiki adding automatically <p> and <pre> tags, or
is there another solution for this problem. I already thought of  a
work-around letting javascript making the menu but maybe there's a easier

Thanks in advance.

Stijn Voss
stijnvoss at gmail.com
stijn at gedissed.nl
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