[pmwiki-users] Proposal: a default bundle for PmWiki

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Mon Jun 29 01:01:04 CDT 2009

Eemeli Aro a écrit :

> This isn't actually a big problem for a power user (as I guess quite a
> few of us on this list are...), it's a problem for the beginner who
> wants those features and needs to find them before installing them. I
> believe a community-nominated bundle of pre-configured recipes would
> help significantly in PmWiki adoption.


copy the recipe in the cookbook directory is not really a problem, but
editing config file *is*.

A solution could be to make PmWiki include automatically all the
config files found in a given folder, for example "before" and "after"
folder (depending of the needed position).

If there is an order for the recipes, this should be sorted out by the
recipe owner, because the main problem if for one knowing *where* the
recipe lines have to be setup in the config file.

a Linux init system could be used (start/stop scripts, with precedence
nuber), but if this could be avoided, better.

This could even be added... as a recipe (adding include in the config
file, creating the two folders...)



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