[pmwiki-users] PMWIKI with recipe MUSIC on a hosted site

kirpi at kirpi.it kirpi at kirpi.it
Tue Mar 3 04:04:50 CST 2009

> I want to know if anyone runs the PMWIKI
> with recipe MUSIC on a hosted site.

I do.
It runs on a cheap shared hosting.

> I am having problem about binaries Ghostscript, abcm2ps, etc, that arent
> allowed on a hosted sites.

Yes, there are a few problems, but most of them can be solved.
I didn't yet find a way to let the system play the music (I was
suggested to statically compile something, but do not know what this
means and how to do such a thing). If anybody *can* run linux, chances
are that this issue can be solved easily.

If you like I am happy to send you the files I am using, just to have a try.


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