[pmwiki-users] using LDAP

Crooks, Bruce b-crooks at govst.edu
Mon Mar 9 12:48:27 CDT 2009

We are using pmwiki on a ms 2003 server with IIS 6 and I'm trying to get
it to use our active directory authentication.  I've included the code
When I implenent this I just receive:


Any help would be appreciated


## Microsoft AD LDAP authentication  3/9/2009  bc

 #------Starting below------

    #Security Variables set login for edit & history page

    #to let anyone edit that has an ldap entry:

    $HandleAuth['diff'] = 'edit'; 

    $DefaultPasswords['edit'] = 'id:*';

    $Author = $AuthId;


    $AuthLDAPBindDN = "govst.edu\\aduser";

    #(it must be \\ not \)!!!

        $AuthLDAPBindPassword = "******"; 


$AuthUser['ldap'] =

# $AuthUser['ldap'] = 'ldap://your domain controller host name.your
domain.com/dc=your domain,dc=com?mailNickname?sub'; 



   #----Ending above-----

##  end Microsoft AD LDAP authentication  3/9/2009  bc

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