[pmwiki-users] Wrapping an Image Caption

Ubloop .com ubloop at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 09:43:48 CDT 2009


I originally posted this question here
(http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/Blix-Talk?skin=blix) where Dave
(the creator of the Blix skin, who is very helpful) pointed me towards
the mailing lists. If you would like to see an example go to the above

Here is the question:
2009-03-11, JB: One thing that has been driving me bonkers: Is there
some kind of way to keep an image caption from expanding the frame the
image is in and instead wrapping? Any help on this issue would be
great... I've tried adding a width, and all that goodness, but the
text seems to be quite the little bugger and just won't wrap. The same
occurs when I use rframe.

I understand that this is probably a PMwiki issue but was hoping you
could give me some insight into the problem. In hindsight I guess I
could make this work with a table instead of a frame.. But then I'd
have to set the width of every table... Hopefully there's an easier
way :)

%lframe% Attach:Traffic-Circle.jpg"Bristol, UK Traffic Circle" |
'''Here is some text that will be expanded out beyond the image

Thanks for any help on the issue. I'm sure someone has looked to
fixing this in the past.


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