[pmwiki-users] Any way of getting the good PmWiki docs from pmwiki.org?

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sat Mar 14 04:35:04 CDT 2009

On Saturday 14 March 2009 00:57:34 Chris Cox wrote:
> I'd like have the nice pmwiki.org PmWiki group docs on my site
> instead of the very limited ones that come with the download.
> Any change those could be tarred/zipped and placed somewhere
> for download?

The current state of the documentation (all files, as they were this morning) 
can be downloaded here :


(Patrick : I modified the mki18n script to add PmWiki.* into the i18n-en.zip 

I'm in the process of reviewing, cleaning and fixing all pages in the PmWiki.* 
group, and they will be updated in the next PmWiki 2.2.x versions.


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