[pmwiki-users] This file is cookbook/.htaccess...

Robert Link beau at oblios-cap.com
Sat Mar 14 20:02:53 CDT 2009

I have installed the Wiki Calendar recipe, and it's wonderful...except I
can't get rid of the following:

---begin quoted---
# This file is cookbook/.htaccess -- the default distribution contains
this # file to prevent cookbook/ scripts from being accessed directly by
browsers # (this is a potential, albeit very unlikely, security hole). #
# If you alter or replace this file, it will likely be overwritten when
# you upgrade from one version of PmWiki to another. Be sure to save # a
copy of your alterations in another location so you can restore them, #
and you might try changing this file to be read-only to prevent a PmWiki
# upgrade from overwriting your altered version. Order Deny,Allow Deny
from all
---end quoted---

More confusing is that I have manually deleted .htaccess and
.htaccess.back from my cookbook directory, but I'm still getting this at
the top of my pages.

All clues vastly appreciated. Searching via google and gmane has failed
me so far.


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