[pmwiki-users] Any way of getting the good PmWiki docs from pmwiki.org?

Oliver Betz list_ob at gmx.net
Tue Mar 24 03:00:25 CDT 2009

Ed W wrote:


>Any chance if you are scrubbing the docs you could have  quick cleanup 
>of any links like [[WikiTrails]] and change them to [[Wiki Trails]] 
>please?  (Example from the documentation index page distributed with 
>pmwiki 2.2.0)
>The defaults seem to be NOT to have spacewikiwords enabled so this will 
>look much nicer.

this is a matter of taste - I prefer links without spaces. And I
remember that I was surprised the first time by the automatic
conversion. I dislike also the possible ambiguity when using the
search function: with spaced wiki words, I had to search for "Spaced
Version" _and_ SpacedVersion to be sure to find all links.

>  Additionally I have now bitten the bullet and gone 
>down the path of URLs with hyphens in them and it's annoying to have the 
>documentation break because links still have no spaces

I don't understand.

>Perhaps Patrick could tweak the wiki in some way which would make it 
>easier to spot links which need updating?

"refcount" should tell you which pages are "missing".


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