[pmwiki-users] Can I have a pagelist fed by a trail, but with a custom format?

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sat Nov 7 12:15:38 CST 2009

07 November 2009 16:05:00, Randy Brown wrote :

>>> Is there a way to maintain the trail's page order in my pagelist
>>> while
>>> at the same time defining my own fmt?
>> Use the trail= option.
> trail= doesn't give me the same order as the links on the page. For
> example, try this:
> (:markup:)
> (:pagelist trail={$FullName} count=3 fmt=title:)
> (:markupend:)

The fmt=#title you are using orders the pages according to their titles:
   (:template default order=title:)

Create a new pagelist template,  without the order= parameter, and use it in 
the (:pagelist trail=Page fmt=#mytemplate:) markup.

If the documentation found at the following pages isn't good/clear enough, 
feel free to improve it.


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