[pmwiki-users] converting an Attach:this.png to <img>

adam overton a at plus1plus1plus.org
Sun Aug 15 22:11:00 CDT 2010

for the life of me, i can't remember -

on my page i have a PTV with:
(:groupLogo: Attach:{$Group}./myimage.png:)

in my config, this ptv is being fed to my skin .tmpl (the idea is a logo or image that appears at the top of the page in this group), via:

$pageLogo = PageTextVar("$group.$DefaultName",'groupLogo');

however, what is displaying is:
... rather than the <img src="..." />

i've tried converting this to it's proper <img src="..."> code by wrapping it in MarkupToHTML(), but it's not working. it just spits out
	Attach:{$Group}./myimage.png <:block>

is there some other function i must wrap it in in order to spit out the <img> code?


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