[pmwiki-users] alternate edit form using Fox

adam overton a at plus1plus1plus.org
Fri Jun 11 20:14:46 CDT 2010

Hi there!

i'm thinking about spending some time this summer using fox to create  
an alternate edit-form for my wikis. the point would be to display a  
"simplified"/prettified edit-page-interace when an editor calls  
something like ?action=editsimple. I imagine it would probably do  
some of the following:

1. detect and extract any PTVs from the current page and present them  
as 1-line text inputs
2. detect and extract any PTV sections from the current page, and  
present them as a multi-line text area
3. present the text for the page in a large text area (like usual),  
but minus all the PTV & PTV section markup
3. automatically add any common/necessary explanations next to or  
above some of these fields

i think i know how to approach this, but I was just checking to see  
if anyone has already implemented a recipe like this?


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