[pmwiki-users] Skipping Edit and using Fox.

Mark Bacas mbacas at gmail.com
Mon Mar 1 09:55:44 CST 2010

I'm still having an issue "skipping" the edit page.

I'm using "newticket" from powertools to get a new page like:

I have a Template page in Journal/Template.

I have this in my Journal/Journal page ( ==== just used for separation
and not actually on my page):


'''New Journal Entry: '''[[{(newticket Journal)}]]

(:fox journal template=Journal.Template redirect=1:)
(:input hidden target '{$$(newticket)}':)
(:input submit post "New Journal Entry":)
(:foxend journal:)

%purple%'''Open Status Entries'''
(:pagelist fmt=#jlist order=-time
$:status=open, $:status=-closed:)

'''Archives:''' [[2010-02]]


I have this on my Journal/Template page:

|| %purple%'''Summary: '''||(:input text $:summary size=50:)||
|| %green%'''Status: '''||(:input text $:status size=50:)
|| '''Description: '''||(:input textarea $:description rows=20 cols=60:)||
|| '''Notes: '''||(:input textarea $:notes rows=20 cols=60:)||
|| '''Release Notes: '''||(:input textarea $:relnotes rows=5 cols=60:)||
|| '''See Also: '''||(:input textarea $:seealso rows=5 cols=60:)||
|| %green%'''Q: '''||(:input textarea $:Q rows=3 cols=60:)||
|| %red%'''A: '''||(:input textarea $:A rows=3 cols=60:)||
|| ||(:input submit:)||


If I click on the "New Journal Entry: Journal.20100301001?" I am taken
to a new "Edit" page with the Template in place. If I click "Save" I'm
where I want to be with my Form showing.

If I click on the "New Journal Entry" button created by Fox system I'm
brought to a page that says: Describe 20100301001? here.

I noticed this information on a page? Could it be of any help to me?

Skipping edit page on pressing "Submit"?
If the new page is to be created immediately (without giving the user
the option to edit it first), you can add $WikiFormSubmit = 'post'; to
your config.php. (At least it works for me, found out after some
reengineering. Confirm? pk 2005-07-07)

I have another form that eventually want to incorporate this process
with (I'm currently editing this one in place and would much rather be
using a form):

'''Summary: '''{$:summary}\\
'''Status: '''{$:status}  |  
'''Type: '''{$:type}  |  
'''Context: '''{$:context}\\
(:if ! {$:person} true:)
'''Person: '''{$:person}  |  
(:if ! {$:company} true:)
'''Company: '''{$:company}  |  
(:if ! {$:info} true:)
'''Info: '''{$:info}\\
(:if ! {$:ID} true:)
'''ID: '''{$:ID}

(:summary: :)
(:status: :)
(:type: :)
(:context: :)
(:person: :)
(:company: :)
(:info: :)
(:ID: :)


(:if false:)
 Status: open, closed, pending, active
   Type: inbox, project, next, someday, maybe
Context: computer, agenda (person), partner, dev (developer support),
catalog, ecr, devport


 - Mark

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