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I've ask about it last week: plogger.org

It says:

The second important thing is to require the necessary file —
gallery.php — into your page. To do this, include this line:

<?php include("gallery.php"); ?>

Important: You must place this code on the very first line of your
template file or else you will receive "headers already sent" errors.

Inside the quotes should be the relative path to this specific file.
Be sure that your gallery template resides in the same directory as
gallery.php or else the following function calls will not resolve the
CSS paths properly.

Next, you must include a PHP statement within the HEAD section of your
HTML. Simply place the following function call anywhere in between the
opening and closing HEAD tags in your document:

<?php the_gallery_head(); ?>

This function is necessary to bring in the gallery.css file link as well
as an included javascript file used in some of the dynamic features of
the gallery.

The final and most important line of PHP to integrate your gallery is
the following:

<?php the_gallery(); ?>


Where do I place it on the webpage?
How do I add the php code to the webpage? Or create a markup in

When the network has to work

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