[pmwiki-users] Fox Contacts Search

Mark Bacas mbacas at gmail.com
Wed Mar 31 07:45:00 CDT 2010

> What does not work is combining a search for different values in
> different PTVs, like searching for first name 'Joe' and address line
> 1 containing '164'. You could search for 'Joe', but no combination of
> PTV values.
> I am not aware that a recipe can do that, maybe there is one.

PageListPlus will do that.


(:pagelist (($:tags=*xyzcompany*) ($:tags=*daily*)
($:status=recurring)) fmt=#MTDSchedule list=normal
order=$:duedate,$:duetime group=MTD.2* if="date ..{(ftime "%Y%m%d" "+1
days")} '{=$:duedate}'" $:duedate=- header="%red%'''XYZ Daily
Recurring Items'''":)


 - Mark

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