[pmwiki-users] Changing the Page Action on Page Load

Bruce & Ann Reidenbach bereiden at gmail.com
Wed Sep 1 06:03:48 CDT 2010


Forgive me if this is a repeat question -- I searched the archives and was
not able to find any info on it.

Is there a way to create a default page action when a page link is clicked?
For example, if I create a (:pagelist index, I'd like to have the a specific
page action automatically take place for a particular page, i.e., instead of
the link performing an ?action=view, it would perform an ?action=myaction.
The only thing I can get to work is to put the following link at the top of
the page in question:

[[{$FullName}?action=myaction | Do MyAction]]

I tried putting the following at the top of the page, but it did not work:

(:redirect {$FullName}?action=myaction:)

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